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Welcome to the BizResources section of BizDirect, the Australian Business Directory Site. This section aims to provide you with useful business information, resources and links and contributions are welcome.

Employment Issues

Industrial Relations Department of Workplace Relations & Small Business
Recruitment Job Network
Safety Workcover Authority of NSW
Training & Development Australian Human Resources Institute  
Australian Institute of Training & Development  

Finance & Taxation

Australian Tax Office ATO Website
Australian Society of CPA's CPA Australia
 Adelaide Bank Limited 
 Bank of Western Australia (Bank West) 
 Commonwealth Bank of Australia 
 Macquarie Bank Limited 
 National Australia Bank Ltd 
 St George Bank Ltd 
 Westpac Banking Corp 


Currency Converter Universal Currency Converter 
Stock Exchanges Australian Stock Exchange 


Budget Information Dept of Finance 
Commonwealth Government Fed Gov Directory 
NSW Government NSW Gov Directory 

Industry & Union Associations

Labor Council of NSW LaborNet 


Court Services State & Federal Courts 

Licensing & Registration 

Business Name Registration Business Entry Point
Licensing Business Entry Point 


Australian Bureau of Statistics  ABS 


Australian Tax Office ATO Website 


Customs Australian Customs Dept 
Trade Australian Trade Commission 
Grant Assistance Austgrant Consultants  (specialising in assisting exporters to receive grants and assistance from various Australian Government export programs)

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