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Thank you for your interest in listing your business in BizDirect.

BizDirect offers two types of listings for you to choose from:

  • one-line listing of your company name and contact details with email and website link
  • Enhanced Listing
    Enhanced listing gives you the benefits of a basic listing plus:
  • your logo or a photograph displayed
  • product and/or service details and
  • customisable listing*

To see a sample of an Enhanced Listing, please search "Australian Internet Company", suburb "Sydney", state "New South Wales"

This type of listing is $65 for six months or $120 per year.

* Listing customisation can either be performed by you or a BizDirect designer. If a listing is customised by the designer, you would need to provide the contents and/or the look and feel. Contents provided must follow certain guidelines. For more information, please use our feedback form here

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